Kid(s) may refer to

Fictional characters[edit source | edit]

  • Kid (Chrono Cross), in the PlayStation role-playing game Chrono Cross
  • Kid, character driving plot in Jak II video game
  • Death the Kid, commonly referred to as Kid, in the manga Soul Eater
  • Kid, character played by Adam Ant in the 1978 film Jubilee

Organizations[edit source | edit]

People[edit source | edit]

  • Kid Berg (1909–91; Judah Bergman), English boxer
  • Kid Cudi (born 1984; Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi), American rapper
  • Kid Jensen (born 1950; David Jensen), Canadian-British radio DJ
  • Kid Kaplan (1901–70; Louis Kaplan), Russian-born American boxer
  • Kid Lewis (1893-70; Gershon Mendeloff), English boxer
  • Kid Murphy (1899–1945; Jack Bernstein), American boxer
  • Kid Rock (born 1971; Robert James Ritchie), American singer
  • Christopher “Kid” Reid (born 1964), American actor and former rapper
  • Billy the Kid, American wild west outlaw

Popular culture[edit source | edit]

Music[edit source | edit]

Other media[edit source | edit]

  • Kid (book), a 1992 collection of poems by Simon Armitage
  • Kids (film), a 1995 American drama film directed by Larry Clark

Radio[edit source | edit]

Science and technology[edit source | edit]

Other uses[edit source | edit]

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